Copying current request information into Feign interceptor with Hystrix enabled

Not so long ago I came across a problem which was related to localization in a microservices architecture which was using Feign for internal service communication.

The idea was that if an incoming request has an Accept-Language  header, I should pass it over with every Feign request in order to have the locale information in every single service throughout the system. For this, I wanted to use RequestInterceptor , but luckily I was also using Hystrix enabled in the services.

The code I had in my interceptor is similar to the following:

Now what I experienced is that localization was simply not working. When I debugged this piece of code, it turned out that the I cannot access the current request bound to the thread. After a little bit of investigation I realized that Hystrix was playing me. By default, Hystrix is executing the Feign requests in a separate thread, meaning that the original request information will not be available as it’s stored in a ThreadLocal  variable. Unless you have some custom code to copy it.

So this is what I did:

The important method is the  wrapCallable which is basically overridden to propagate the original request attributes to the new thread. This is how the RequestContextHolderCallable  looks like:

After starting the application, the locale will be propagated correctly.

The example project can be found on my GitHub page.

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